As the Bludger Flies: A Hogwarts Soap Opera is a story chronicling the strange and often overly-dramatic adventures of five self-proclaimed Scoobies through their time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The story begins with Avery Berke and Donal Talmorra. They’re both Sorted into Gryffindor (even though they each wanted Slytherin), and though Avery is a Muggleborn and Donal is a pureblood, they quickly become friends. Donal also befriends Agatha Swales, a pureblood who doesn’t approve of Donal’s “unsavory” friendship with with a mudblood. Eventually, Donal and Agatha begin dating, and though Donal manages to keep peace between his best friend and his girlfriend, tensions remain high.

The next year sees the arrival of two new Hufflepuffs: Vivienne Moor and Aiko Watanabe. Vivi is an American from the South; Aiko, by stark contrast, is the daughter of an influential Japanese politician. Over time, the two become best friends and soon find themselves tangled up in the lives of Avery, Donal, and Agatha.

While Avery and Donal befriend the girls, Agatha antagonizes them at every turn. Life seems arguably normal–as normal as it can be for a wizard, anyway–but a dark wizard known only as Prince changes everything. After a massacre in the Great Hall, everyone is left to pick up the shattered bits of their lives. Aiko becomes a shell of her former self, and her friendship with Avery crumbles. That leaves Vivi is caught in the middle of her own personal hell, torn between her best friend and the boy she’s begun to develop feelings for.

Over the next few years, the gang find themselves faced with dark wizards, difficult classes, and personal drama that threatens their lives and their sanity. They eventually graduate, but even after Hogwarts, their troubles seem to follow them wherever they go…

ATBF began as posts on a now-defunct interactive online RPG. This blog will house the existing story plus the as-yet unwritten future of our characters.

All this is purely for fun, not intended to infringe copyright, etc etc. If you have a problem with us, our resident guard-dog/former Huth minion will attack you before snivelling away.


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