Agatha Swales

Satan in heels—Gucci heels, of course.


Beautiful. Sophisticated. Every wizard’s dream.

Yes Agatha Swales is pureblood perfection personified. She has white blonde hair, which until the past year swung in a long elegant bob, but has now grown so it hangs in shimmering masses to the middle of her back.

She has very green eyes, large almond-shaped devious cat’s eyes, which express her emotions very well. Although Agatha’s acting abilities are somewhat legendary…

Her dress sense is divine. Labels are Agatha’s life. She would never ever wear anything less than designer gear. Some of her favorite labels are Prada, Nicole Farhi, Armani, Gucci, and Chloe. Equally, she could not live without heels and she is never seen without her Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks—boots, stilettos, or kitten heels rule Agatha’s world.

Agatha is above average height for a girl at 5’8″ and appears taller in her heels (always an advantage for looking down upon midget Huths).

Her figure is excellent. Of course it is. But she has had it instilled in her almost from birth that appearance is everything, so Agatha has never failed to look anything less then immaculate. She has never been seen without her nails painted, her eyebrows shaped and her lip gloss on.

She wears strong, seductive perfumes such as Addiction.


Agatha is strong minded, determined, and a natural born leader. She is the leader of a group of Agatha wannabes—the so-called self-styled sppbbs—the Snake Pit Preppy Barbie Biatches.

There are no lengths to which this girl would not go to get her own way. She hates being frustrated in her ambitions. People who get in her way don’t tend to stay in her way for long. She is quite happy to hex, curse, and poison her way into whatever she believes is her right. She is very adept at charms and finds this aids her work immeasurably.

She is calm and maintains a rigid self-control about 99% of the time. Her anger is ice white and chilling. Others may scream, yell, or cry; Agatha has no time for any of this. She has been taught that these are not winning stratagems.

She scorns muggles, hates mudbloods—particularly Huthlepuths whom she deems weak and spineless, and only usually cares to associate with pureblood Slytherins.

History and Family

The Swales family is pureblood and proud. They are amongst those pureblood families who maintain rigid controls on marriage, attempting and succeeding in maintaining the purity of their line. Whilst Agatha herself is not going to be forced into an arranged marriage as such, certain names are being suggested to her as suitable candidates for her affections—Matthew Willougby for instance.

Her father Edward Swales works somewhere in the realms of wizarding finance. He sells, risks, and buys stocks and shares and trades in vast amounts for himself and for clients. Basically, this involves much networking and oodles of lovely money.

Her mother Imogen Swales, nee Imogen Archer, half-English half-French is a society hostess extraordinaire. She was incredibly beautiful when younger and still retains much of her former charm. She hosts extravagant parties and soirees year round, which allows both her and Edward to network contacts and form alliances. The marriage is largely one of convenience, an arrangement that has worked to the advantage of both. Although as a child, this arrangement has very much warped Agatha’s understanding of the way relationships should be.

Agatha wished to be sent to an exclusive wizarding school and her mother, Imogen, was also eager for this as the most cultured mode for her daughter—she herself went to Beauxbatons. However for once Edward insisted upon Hogwarts School—maintaining that it was a guarantee that as Slytherin had been good enough for every generation of Swales to date, it was good enough for her. And there has never been a wizard gone to the good from Slytherin, so that was alright.

As Agatha is now almost 18, much more pressure is being exerted upon her to choose the man whom she will make divinely happy in years to come. A wedding in the next couple of years is obligatory.

Other Pertinent Junk

Favorite words: darhling, sweetie, dearest.
Favorite action: airkissing—mwah mwah.
Fatal weakness: Avery Berke.

In her first year at school, Agatha dated the eminently suitable Donal Talmorra, a pureblood known to her family. She detested in equal measure his best friend and Gryffindor, the mudblood Avery Berke. They argued and hated each other near and far. In one act of vengeance Agatha made a love potion and gave it to the unsuspecting Berke. The subsequent results of this could not possibly have been predicted by Agatha in her wildest nightmares. As Avery, blinded by the effects of the potion fell in love with her, she, likewise, fell in love with him. This has ruined Agatha’s life more or less ever since. To cut a long story very short, they did end up dating for about two years, but split up over a ridiculous misunderstanding whereby Agatha finished with him because she thought he was about to finish with her and she could not face the humiliation of being rejected by a mudblood. He has never forgiven her for that or for any event since.

Agatha’s life became a living hell when he then started dating Veruca Moor aka the sniveller, a Huth for goodness’ sake. She has been horribly jealous ever since. She knows Avery is no good for her, she knows all the facts of the matter. But the problem is for once in her life, Agatha really truly loves him. No matter what she does, from ignoring him to hexing him, the feeling refuses to leave. She loves him. He is her nemesis and she hopes, not her downfall.


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