Aiko Watanabe

A ball of raw nerve endings.


Asian by full-blood decent, Aiko was raised to the standards of the upper-class politicians. Heritage plays a large part in her dress; she is usually spotted at social functions in a collection of kimonos granted to her from her parents large bank account. Everyday attire is limited to light blouses and skirts, or occasionally sundresses. Dark colors are a rarity; the bold colors of neons are avoided as a plague.

Her ebony hair, courtesy of her descent, falls in a very A-line cut to the small of her back, following the classic fairy tale style she adores. Her stature is petite; she raises to only 5 feet. Her figure is not what one would call impressive; which her slender hips, small waist, and average sized chest. A lack of intrest in the outdoors leads to a pale complexion, making her dark almond shaped eyes a prettily-prominant feature.

Aiko bathes in feminity, from her floral scented perfumes to her delicate teardrop earrings.


Aiko is timid and shy; an overly cautious nature founded in truth. While meekness was bred into her, the fear and anxiety that strikes in social situations is all her own. She is prone to hysterical fits, hyper-sensitivity, and loudly displayed acts of drama, making friendships few and far between. She distrusts everyone, certain that they have alternate motives, and withdraws into herself rather than risk her heart. Though she fears mainpulation, she is often too soft to avoid it, resulting in many unfavorable situations. When drawn to a rise, her arguments are illogical and based soley on her less-than-stable emotions.

She’s not all tears though, especially not when coupled with her best friend Vivienne Moore. Completely flexible in emotions, much resembling an elastic band that shoots back and forth, her high points are excessive and her giddiness annoyingly high pitched.

History and Family

The Watanabe family is one of the purest background; a wizarding family who’s politically correctness has been passed on from generation to generation. The current Watanabe legacy consists of Danjuro Watanabe, the Japanese Ambassador to the British embassey; Midori Watanabe (formerly Haga), the slightly brainless, polite-minded trophey wife; and Aiko Watanabe, former Prince slave and Hufflepuff prefect.

Aiko was sent to Hogwarts as part of the embassy’s quest to strengthen the ties between Britain and Japan. This action is only to increase her market value though; her father has ever stated intention of arranging a marriage for her as soon as she graduates. This medieval practice was taught to her as the best marriage arrangment; her recent relationship with Alex is her father’s only reason for complaint towards her compliance.

Other Pertinent Junk

Though she is most definately best friends with Vivienne, she cannot agree with the other Hufflepuff’s choice of boyfriend, Avery Berke. A slight incidence (throwing the boy through a window) resulted in tension between the two, and Aiko tolerates him only through loyalty to Vivs.

Aiko grew firmly attatched to Alex stone of Slytherin during her fifth year, and while not childish enough to be planning a wedding, she certainly plans to remain attatched for a good few years.


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