Avery Berke

Everyone’s favorite manic depressive Gryffindor.


His only consistencies are his curly black hair, black eyes, 6’4″-ish figure, and the silver ring he made in Transfiguration on his right ring finger. Everything else changes from time to time (mostly depending on who he’s dating). However, he prefers worn jeans and t-shirts—whatever’s most comfortable.


Avery was at one point a cross between an axe murderer, a PMSing female, and someone who has ingested entirely too much caffine. He possessed possibly the entire rainbow of human emotions, and he fluxuated between them often. More often than not, he threatened to hex, kill, or dismember someone for either being stupid or simply existing. His kind side only came out around his closest friends (and even they didn’t see it very often).

As he grew up, he mellowed out, though his unpredictability didn’t completely disappear. After frequent run-ins with dark wizards, he started a job as an Auror and learned to channel his violent temper into his work. With this outlet, his personal life became far more enjoyable, though, with six children, completely disfunctional.

History and Family

Avery’s past is somewhat of a mystery to all but Vivi. A Muggleborn, he was abandoned as a child by wizard-fearing Muggles when he started to show an aptitude for magic early on. Beyond that, he remains vague about his childhood, which he remembers very vividly.

When he was three, he was adopted by Kevin and Alyson Berke, an older wizarding couple who, unable to have children, jumped at the chance to adopt the abandoned toddler. The Berkes adopted no more children, so Avery remains an only child. Avery’s mother is unemployed; his father works in the Muggle world as a salesman. Avery does have some extended family—aunts, uncles, and cousins—who occasionally visit, but past family issues keep the Berkes somewhat isolated.

Other Pertinent Junk

Avery is terrified of snakes and heights. Due to the latter, he has a great dislike for Quidditch and would rather amputate his own left arm with a toothpick than fly.

Though Avery felt he belonged in Slytherin, he was Sorted into Gryffindor and went so far as to discuss the “mistake” with Hepseba Ghast, the headmistress at the time. Donal Talmorra had the same dilemma, and through their shared frustration the two became best friends. Avery continued to wish he was in Slytherin, but many fiascoes with Agatha and numerous run-ins with a certain Hufflepuff eventually made him realize why he was in Gryffindor—or, rather, why he wasn’t in Slytherin.

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