Vivienne Moor

The incessantly chipper Huthleputh.


Vivienne Moor starts Hogwarts as a short, skinny, all knees and elbows first year, with wavy black hair, gray eyes, and a pale, freckled complexion. She is usually spotted wearing either worn out blue jeans or cut off shorts, complimented by a t-shirt of some sort. On the odd occasion that she does manage to pull on something presentable in the morning, she has generally spilled something on it by afternoon. Yeah, Vivs is just that clumsy.

Lucky for Vivi, she outgrows her awkward stage around sixth year. By the time she exits Hogwarts, she is 5′-ish, although still thin, and has realized that mascara is not, in fact, the devil. Seven years of Quidditch gives her a sense of balance, and even begins to wear heels, though her enthusiasm still lands her in a fair share of messes.


Vivi is overly curious, annoying, enthusiastic, and downright hyper. She cares more about Quidditch than any living soul ever should, and hopes to play professionally, eventually.

A southern girl and a Hufflepuff, she values honesty and loyalty. Friendship is important to her, and she would never betray someone on purpose, or willingly. That said, she tends towards righteous anger, and is not entirely opposed to revenge, for a good cause. Otherwise she is Vivi the Peace-maker, who forgives easily, and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

History and Family

Vivi hails from southern Mississippi, a place that is hot, sticky, and well, hot. She is the only child of Cadence and Lawrence Moor, two very doting parents. Although she has no siblings, she was never, ever lonely growing up, as she has four, rambunctious, male cousins that live right next door. Jay, Brian, Drew, and Billy made her life more than eventful at times, and almost unbearable at others, but she loves them all. Other members of her immediate family include Aunt Sally, Uncle James, Gram and Gramps.

A muggle-born, she grew up on a farm, with a medium-size white house. There was a swing set in the back yard, a tree-lined driveway, and a tire swing over the creek. Her mother played the role of homemaker, her father owned the local Feed Mill, and farmed on the side, raising vegetables, cows, and horses. Vivi attended public school, where her favorite subject was science, before receiving her Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Other Pertinent Junk

Vivi’s greatest love is flying; it is also her greatest talent. She gained the position of team Captain as a third year, and although Hufflepuff has not won the Cup in any of the following years, she remains optimistic.

Her favorite color is navy blue. Having grown up in the southern United States, she speaks with a very country twang and often uses the word “Ya’ll.”

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