Rough Story Outline

Red = needs to be written or edited

Blue = finished

Edits are located at the bottom of the chapter, since sometimes I’m not exactly sure where they should go. However, otherwise, the threads are in order, and missing threads are highlighted in red.

Year One

Chapter 1: The Dream Team

Chapter 2: Bugger Off

Discussion between Brooke, Serenity and Venus

Library scene with Avery, Brian, Agatha, Gem, etc.


Add more about Venus and the sapphires

Add more / better conclusion

Chapter 3: Donal’s Summer

Year Two

Chapter 4: No More Games

Hospital thread with Avery, Aiko, Kelly, Echo and Connor

Introduce Lys somehow

Introduce Alex in this chapter

Thread with Danuliete, Prince, Connor, Lys

Hufflepuff thread with Vivi and Aiko – make this longer (Tag: Vivi and Aiko)

Greenhouse thread with Lys, Brian, Avery, EM

Thread between Donal and EM

Chapter 5: Mysteries

Chapter 6: The Triden Star

Herbology thread on the Triden star – include darkest secret for Avery

Hufflepuff thread with Aiko, Vivi and Cathy

Thread with Aiko, Vivi, Emma


Replace Emma and Cathy with Kelly

Chapter 7: The Ball

Thread between Avery, Vivi and Emmaline

Thread with Avery and Donal getting ready

Thread between EM and Avery

Thread where Avery, Vivi and Aiko are all friends (Tag: Vivi, Aiko, Avery)

Thread where the Scoobies meet Ethan and do the armor stunt (Tag: Vivi, Donal, Avery, Brian)

Thread where Prince arrives with Daiva (Tag: Prince)

Duel between Alex and Avery – just need to be added to the blog

Duel Between Aiko and Avery (Tag: Aiko and Avery)

All Prince confrontations (Tag: Prince)

DD killing Prince (Tag: DD and Prince)

Prince leaving with Dom and Daiva (Tag: DD)

Chapter 8: Aftermath

Thread between Donal and Avery about Ethn

Dungeon thread with Danuliete and servants – have some can add to blog (Tag: DD, Alex, Lys, Aiko, Ren)

Servants reactions to returning (Tag: Lys, Aiko, Alex, Ren)

Vivi forgives Aiko


Write in Emmaline and Piper as leaving after first attack

Have Non Gywn transfer to Beauxbatons after the ball

Chapter 9: Friendships and Broomsticks

Vivi and Avery fight about flying

Donal tries to teach Avery to fly

Thread between Vivi, Avery and Agatha in the Great Hall

Thread between Vivi, Avery and Agatha in the library


Change the GH thread to fit the timeline

Chapter 10: Love is in the Air

Vivi and Avery learning to fly thread

Love spell thread between Vivi, Avery and Agatha


Thread with the love spell (Tag: Agatha and Avery)

Thread with the assault (Tag: Agatha and Avery)

Chapter 11: The Truth

Chapter 12: Aiko’s Summer

Needs to be written (Tag: Aiko)

Year Three

Chapter 13: Believe Me

Chapter 14: Revelations and Vendettas

Chapter 15: Toil and Trouble

Chapter 16: A Quiet Return

Thread with Gem, Ren and Brooke about sleepwalking

Thread where Donal makes up with Avery

Thread where Prince, Daiva, Dereck and Danuliete arrive

Thread where the servants come to Prince

Thread where Aiko finds object

Thread about destroyed common room with Ren, Cisco, Brooke


Introduce Cisco’s character

Chapter 17: The Black Wands

Thread with Prince, Daiva, Habba and Aiko about killing and the object

Thread where Cisco, Vivi, Infinity and Darkmoor escape

Thread with Ren, Gem, Brooke, Daiva, Prince where guilt is revealed

Traitor thread with Gem, Lys, Ren, Prince


Take Habba out

Introduce Darkmoor earlier in the story

Note that Medic Connor dies

Chapter 18: The Traitor

End of Hogwarts thread with Gem, Lys, Alex, DD, Prince, Derek


Add in Gem wand thread somewhere

Either add in Venus and the sapphires or cut out

Chapter 19: Construction work

All the threads where workers fix Hogwarts


Maybe include an update on what happened to Gem and Brooke (Tag: Vivi)

Note that Echo becomes Medic, if it isn’t already included somewhere else

Year Four

Chapter 20: Broken Returns

Thread where Betram is named the Headmaster

Back from summer thread with Cisco and Vivi

Thread with Ras, Agatha, Avery, Abbigale

Thread where Donal and Avery plot revenge


Later in story, note that Ras transferred to Durmstrang

In thread with Vivi and Cisco, mention Crystal is new coach (change from Ren – this introduce’s Crystal’s character, which is important later)

Chapter 21: Revenge and Hot Blood

Revenge thread with Vivi, Donal, Avery and Jeremy

Threads where Vivi and Avery fake date

Thread Vivi and Aiko make up

Thread where Abbigale, Jeremy and Agatha find out


Replace Jeremy with Megan Vining (or someone else in story)

Chapter 22: A Test of Friendship

Chapter 23: Apologies

Chapter 24: Avery’s Summer

Needs to be finished and added (Tag: Avery)

Year Five

Chapter 25: Mind Games

Get material for this chapter

Vivi and Donal thread about his powers

See explanation for Avery’s appearance/intro handwritten

Threads with Lys, Donal and Darkmoor


Include something about Scarlett becoming Headmistress (correct this timeline, too)

Include Kameko

Figure out where Jamie/Cisco wedding goes

Chapter 26: Happy Happy Happiness

Chapter 27: Vivi-Avery summer

Almost done, just need to post (Tag: Vivi)

Year Six

Chapter 28: All Things Ordinary at Hogwarts

Thread with Avery, Vivi, Donal and Cisco back at school

Brian and Avery catch up

Gender Bender with Vivi and Avery


Missing later thread where Cisco isn’t on Vivi’s team – add to blog

Any threads between Donal and Agatha – add dinner to blog

Prince builds wizarding army in the Andes (Tag: Vivi)

Chapter 29: Quidditch and Double Meaning

Quidditch thread with Scarlet, Vivi, Kameko, Cisco and Brian

Point war between Agatha, Abbigale, Vivi, Cisco, Lys

Conversation between Vivi and Cisco

Threatening conversation between Agatha and Vivi

Thread with Silver where Vivi gets wrist healed

Thread where Vivi and Avery are mad at Agatha

Thread between Agatha and Vivi about the painting and points

Thread where Vivi and Aiko discuss Alex


Move Zaccharias Mumps tournament to Chapter 25

Mention somewhere earlier that Lys and Cisco are HB and HG

Mention when Silver becomes medic or change him to Echo

Chapter 30: Agatha’s summer

Needs to be written – or replaced with something different (Tag: Agatha)

Year Seven

Chapter 31: Amends

Fight between Avery and Agatha

Quidditch thread with Agatha and Abbigale

Mail between Cisco and Vivi

Cocktails with Abbigale, Agatha, Amelia

Party invitation thread with Vivi, Avery and Agatha

Thread about Avery’s parents

Chapter 32: The End

Thread where Vivi and Aiko go shopping – finish this (Tag: Vivi and Aiko)

Flying thread with Vivi and Avery

Quidditch game

Chapter 33: Hope for the Hopeless

Thread where Echo revives Vivi

Thread between Aiko and Alex – possibly not finished (Tag: Aiko and Alex)

Thread with Kameko and Echo

Thread with Moors, Alex and Echo

Thread with Cisco, Moors, Echo – not finished (Tag: Vivi)

Thread with Crystal, Moors, Echo

Thread between Avery and Agatha – not finished (Tag: Avery and Agatha)

Chapter 34

Thread where Agatha convinces Avery to go to party – this is finished, I just need to make sure it is in the blog

Agatha getting ready for party – I just need to make sure this is in the blog

Agatha and Avery thread at party – might need to be finished. Depends on how much you want to write of the sex scene (Tag: Agatha and Avery)

Aiko and Alex thread at party – Alex started, but this was never finished (Tag: Aiko and Alex)

Agatha’s friends threads at party – written but not added to the blog

Threads between Avery and Agatha during their relationship in this period (Tag: Avery and Agatha)

Chapter 35

Thread between the Moors and Echo where Vivi wakes up

Thread where Agatha and Avery break up (Tag: Avery and Agatha)

Thread between Vivi and Avery where Vivi learns about Agatha

Thread in hospital wing between Vivi and Agatha

Thread between Vivi and Echo about her health, future

Thread with Vivi and Aiko where Vivi leaves school in April

Chapter 36

Any other threads between Agatha and Avery (Tag: Agatha and Avery)

Wrap up thread where Slytherin wins Quidditch, House Cup (Tag: Vivi)

Thread where Agatha gets engaged (Tag: Agatha)

Agatha’s wedding – threads between Agatha and Avery, and any other characters (Tag: Avery and Agatha, Aiko and Alex, Abbigale, Amelia)

Chapter 37: Vivi’s summer

Work in progress (Tag: Vivi)

Year Eight

Chapter 38

Tie up loose ends about people graduating –can do through Vivi’s or EM’s perspective arriving back (Tag: Vivi)

Thread between Vivi and Aiko where Vivi arrives back at school (Tag: Vivi and Aiko)

Thread where Cisco teaches Vivi to fly again

Vivi gets ready for Quidditch (Tag: Vivi)

EM and Avery Herbology thread with Vivi

Thread where Aiko tells Alex she is getting married – this is written, it just needs to be added to the blog

Avery and Vivi Herbology lake thread

Quidditch Game where Vivi catches snitch with a scout there (Tag: Vivi)

Any other Avery and Vivi threads (Tag: Avery and Vivi)

Chapter 39 – Black Things Come

Thread where Gem and Brooke discuss stealing wand

Gem bonds with Marcus and members of the army

Brooke steals wand from Prince and returns to Hogwarts

Danuliete killing Prince and comes to Hogwarts (Tag: DD and Vivi)

Gem setting up base in Hogsmeade

Chapter 40


Gem coerces Crystal into letting her into Hogwarts – this is written, but needs to be added to blog

Gem steals wand from Brooke and vanishes – I think this is written, or at least started

Brooke is arrested and sent to Azkaban (Tag: DD)

Gem begins a reign of terror over the world, looking for Danuliete (Tag: Gem)

Gem kills Jamie (Tag: Gem and Jamie)

Marcus begins to plot against Gem with Hogwarts (Tag: Gem)

Gem finds Danuliete at Hogwarts (Tag: Gem and DD)

Gem attacks Hogwarts and sets the spell against it in motion, before losing her telepathic powers (Tag: Gem)

Hogwarts explodes (Tag: Gem)

Any threads with students escaping Hogwarts (Tag: Alex, Aiko – ask Vivi about this, she has an idea)

Thread where Avery and Vivi get back together (Tag: Avery and Vivi)

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