Chapter 40

The horrors of what now appears to be a second dark age escalate as further attacks from the Black Wand Witch, renamed Prophecy, increase dramatically.

During the past month since the shocking revelation that the worlds most deadly weapon, the Black Wand, had been stolen by Gemini Taurus, now known as Prophecy, this newspaper has brought you information on the shocking attacks that are sweeping the country. Prophecy’s seemingly indestructible army have ravaged the world and there’s no indication that it will be ceasing any time soon.

Some analysts at Talisman Institute believed that Prophecy would focus her attack in Britain and on Hogwarts but their predictions have been wrong. Now if she is ever brought in she’s facing an indefinite spell in Azkaban or an ever worse fate…

As the death toll increases with each passing day the world has to wonder what exactly Prophecy is aiming for. So far no attempt has been made to take over and no sense of finishing what she started. Perhaps the only way to end this carnage is to give the witch what she wants.

She threw the paper to the floor where it burst into flames, threw her head back and laughed. The witches and wizards around her, unknowing as how to react, copied her and began to guffaw and chuckle, not noticing that their mistress’s attitude had drastically changed. Where before there had been joy there was now only anger and Marcus seemed to be the only one who had sensed the change. Slowly, like a storm gathering, darkness descended on the Hall of Shadows and a growing threat of lightning. Suddenly, and without warning, a sharp, blue bolt of lightning shot from the witch in the direction of one of her minions. He lay lifeless and the laughing subsided into a fearful silence.
“It’s not enough!” she yelled and, unsatisfied with the dead wizard at her feet, she set about shattering each and every crystal hanging from the chandeliers above them. “It’s not enough,” she whispered more threateningly. “They are not yet afraid, not truly afraid. For a ruler to be absolute she must have total control of her subjects and these people,” she spat at the burning remains of the Daily Prophet, “cannot be controlled when they do not truly fear me.” She pointed at two witches who recoiled in fear. “Go somewhere, anywhere and kill someone who means something to these people; a minister, a pureblood…someone they know and love.” The two witches nodded and disapparated in a cloud of grey smoke.
She paced the hall, tapping the Black Wand against her hand and obviously in deep thought. Marcus knew what this meant and he didn’t like the thought. She was planning, not only her next move but the moves beyond that and their repercussions and he was afraid that this move was going to be disastrous for everyone.
“I need…,” she paused, “I need to shake the foundations of the people and the best way to do this is to strike at their heart.” She let out a hollow laugh as she said the word ‘heart’, like it was nothing. “Strike at their trust, at their beliefs – and what do they believe in more than the Ministry? Their faith is already wavering but they need a little push, shall we say. Come along, Marcus, we have bigger fish to fry!”
She took his hand and they disapparated.

They landed on a rugged hillside, whilst a storm raged above them and the pouring rain soaked them instantly. Through the storm he saw her pointing to an old castle-like building, the windows lit up.
“What is it?” he yelled.
“That is the heart of our world, Marcus,” she yelled back. “This is who they place their trust in to protect them from people like us,” she gave him a manic grin. She took his hand once more and they were on the thresh hold.
“I still don’t understand,” he confessed.
“This,” she turned to explain, “is where all the files from the Wizengamot, Azkaban and every piece of information relating to any crime ever committed in the Wizarding world is kept. If this is destroyed, the Ministry have no idea who is on their side and who is on ours. There will be chaos like you’ve never known,” he turned away as she blasted open the door.

She charged her way through the castle, murdering everyone in her path without conscious and mostly without realisation. There were some whom bravely tried to hold her up and they paid for their heroism with their lives. Didn’t they know? Marcus thought sadly, didn’t they now she was unstoppable now?

They came to the last room, the centre of the hub and she took her time, making sure to mark out each face. There was one in the corner that stood out above the others.
“You, girl,” she pointed her wand at the woman who stood up shakily, “I know you, don’t I?” the woman nodded.
“My name is Jamie, Jamie Quidd. I was on your Quidditch team at school…I married Francisco,” Her eyes flashed and the wrath from the wand was absolute. The whole room was suddenly silent of breath save two, Prophecy and Jamie.
“Hogwarts is dead to me,” she whispered calmly, “just like you,” and with a final flash Jamie was no more. She folded her arms across her chest and smiled.
“Burn it,” she commanded him, and he obeyed, watching jealously from the corner of her eye as she disapparated. She watched from the hillside as the castle burned and felt the cheers as the criminals of the Wizarding world flocked to her. She was raising a new army, more powerful and terrible than before, and soon she would have the strength to take on Hogwarts…and finish what she had started.

On Sunday evening eighty wizards were found dead in a ruined castle in Cumbria. Representative from the Ministry say it was not a random attack but are denying that the Black Wand Witch has anything to do with it.

Passers by first only noticed the smoke rising from the ruins and called in the fire brigade. However on closer inspection from the Ministry it appears to be the work of something much more sinister than a fire.
Evidence left behind points directly to Prophecy, who has been amassing an army in Britain for some time now, with no indication the Ministry has any power to stop her. This attack proves what a cold and calculating mind is behind the new power of the Black Wand for the ruins were all that remained of the Central Department of Wizarding Crimes Archives, or the CDWCA, and now thousands of criminals are able to roam freely around our streets as the Ministry has no concrete grounds for detaining them. Many fear these criminals have now joined Prophecy’s army and with our first line of defence against the dark arts compromised, how long will it be before the rest of them – and us along with them – fall?

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